About Us

Our Mission & History

Officially incorporated in 2017, FansUnited.org is a project many years in the making. Our founder and Cleveland native, Patrick Healy, saw his hometown Browns leave in 1995 to fill the void left in Baltimore after the Colts had skipped town for Indianapolis more than a decade earlier. It was then that he had his “ah-ha” moment – when a team relocates to another city, no single fan is truly unaffected. Every time a team leaves, it essentially creates a bargaining chip to use against their cities: “Fund us, or we’ll leave.” Since then, we’ve seen it happen with various teams across the leagues.

Not only are the cities being pitted against one another in these relocation decisions, but fans’ voices are being ignored when it comes to other critical issues such as stadium funding, financial transparency, and ticket policies. Somewhere along the way, fans’ loyalty to their beloved teams began to get taken advantage of by the teams and leagues. As team values have risen astronomically, so has the amount of public funding dedicated to building stadiums for franchises. Billionaire owners take from the taxpayers, then refuse to show us their books. As with any good relationship, there needs to be some give and take, and that’s exactly what FansUnited.org has set out to restore in the sports industry.

Our company is comprised of a diverse team of sports fans from all over North America. We believe our team here is a microcosm of what the community on FansUnited.org will grow to be: a united group of fans putting team rivalries and geographical divides on the back burner to develop fan-friendly solutions to some of the sports industry’s biggest problems. When it comes to the love of the game, we’re all on the same team. Fans deserve to have a seat at the table and have our voices heard. We believe this is something that we can all agree upon, no matter who you root for.