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Who Killed Cinderella? - An Op-ed by

Last Updated: January 18, 2018

Unlike March Madness (America's favorite sports tournament) the CFP (College Football Playoff) remains truculent. In their infinite wisdom the CFP Selection Committee once again "anointed" four teams to compete for the national college football championship. Whether you agree or disagree with their selections, you were a victim. Not necessarily a victim of any particular selection but rather of a flawed process. How so you might ask?

You will recall that the CFP arrived at this cockeyed approach after its attempts at using a more scientific approach (called the BCS - or simply BS according to many fans) failed miserably. This compromise was driven by a desire to silence fan displeasure with the false precision of the former method, while still preserving the economics of the bowl games available to those not selected in the final four. The bottom line is that this financially driven selection process is exceedingly subjective, far too narrow and overly capricious to produce a "true champion".

Conversely, its basketball sister-tournament (aka March Madness) is the epitome of suspense, excitement and magical moments as it consistently produces Cinderella stories and thrilling finishes. Without exception, March Madness gives us Cinderella in prime time every single year.

So what happened to Cinderella when it comes to football? The CFP Gods killed her! They deliberately cut off her oxygen by denying her entry into the narrowly-defined final four field!

And it gets worse! Many of the marquee players from teams not selected in the final four opted not to play in a bowl game that did not involve a championship. The risk/return tradeoff for those who hope to be playing on Sundays next season was just too great. Hence, they sat. Who can disagree with such wisdom? Yet, we know of no college basketball players who will sit out March Madness to save themselves in advance of the NBA Draft. Why? Because they're playing for pride and a championship!

The plot thickened even more this year as the CFP Championship game featured two SEC/ESPN teams (half of the field of four!). Not only were multiple schools/conferences rightfully angered by these biased selections, the University of Central Florida did the unthinkable. They knocked out the vaunted Auburn Tigers (who had already defeated both of the supposedly superior CFP finalists - Alabama and Georgia). No doubt about it - UCF has a valid claim to the National Championship. They were this year's Cinderella story. Ohhh what could have been... if only the CFP Gods had not killed her!

We the fans demand that, just as is the case with March Madness, the CFP give Cinderella a chance to stake her claim via "December Madness" - a 12 team single-elimination tournament. To this end we have created a format that requires a di minimis number of added games and have commenced a campaign - the "Million Fan Demand". Our goal: one million signatures. You can read the petition details and join the movement at:

Please sign the petition. Your support matters!

On behalf of every sports fan who roots for the underdog, who dares to dream of such epic glory, who believes that Cinderella is more than just a fairytale and who simply wants the opportunity to compete for the gold... we thank you.


Patrick Healy, Founder and CEO