The Hot Issues

Ensuring Fan Driven Sports Policy Decisions

Ticketing Standard

Facts on the Ticket Sales in Sports

About 30% of tickets go unsold, yet 30% of fans say they missed a live event because they weren’t aware of it. Also, there are 80 million unique monthly users to sports websites, but only 6 million fans go to games monthly.

The Problem

Policies on ticket resale and season tickets vary from league to league and even team to team. On top of this, there is no ticket resale standard at the federal level. Often times, a team’s fanbase consists of neighboring states’ populations, but currently, laws on ticket resale are left to the states, which can create confusion among fans across state lines. On top of all this are shady team practices that increase difficulty in buying tickets. Team and league rules such as prohibiting certain resale services, setting price floors, and requiring Personal Seat Licenses (PSL) to purchase season tickets make the ticket buying process exhausting. Finally, teams are not held accountable for the entertainment experience they provide because simple refund policies are varied and unforgiving to fans. We have seen it before, where fans spend big and travel far to see their favorite player, only to be let down by their impromptu resting.

Teams ruin their reputation and leave seats unfilled by trying to strong arm the ticket market, and it only hurts on of their biggest assets: home field advantage.