The Hot Issues

Ensuring Fan Driven Sports Policy Decisions

Financial Transparency

Given the choice between the fans' interest and their own multimillion dollar cash dividends, owners generally take the money.

The Rams Relocation Fee is

$645 (Million)

The Chargers Relocation Fee is

$645 (Million)

The Raiders Relocation Fee is

$378 (Million)

The Non-Relocating Team Owners Share in these Relocation Fees:

Rams Move$20.81 (Million)/Owner
Chargers Move$20.81 (Million)/Owner
Raiders Move$12.19 (Million)/Owner
Total$53.81 (Million)/Owner

Commonsense Financial Disclosure

Average Franchise Value (In Millions of USD)

Infographic: Average Franchise Value (In Millions of USD)

Franchise values have grown exponentially to outrageous levels, however, owners claim financial hardship.

Both cannot be true. Owners who operate monopolies, enjoy special tax incentives, and take the taxpayers’ money, should be required to make commonsense financial disclosures to the public. It is a simple and easy request, and is the right thing to do when these stadiums get mixed in with government projects.

$38.7 Million per Owner!

Kickback City: Voting to relocate teams yields multimillion dollar dividends to owners